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The Registration of Suppliers of Goods and Services of Petrobras is a database of national and foreign companies interested in participating in the contracting processes.
The Registry contains prior information about the aptitude of the supplier and his Supply Lines.


Brazilian and foreign companies suppliers of goods or providers of services available on the list of goods and services of Petrobras. The supply lines available for registration are grouped into families, considering the peculiarities of the good to be supplied or service to be provided. The choice of families determines the participation in the Corporate Registry or in the Simplified Registry (yellow pages families).

The Corporate Registry is linked to the supply of goods and services of greater complexity, size or value, available for national and foreign companies, while the Simplified Registry turns to goods and services of local interest and lower complexity, size or value, being avaliable only for national companies.

It is important for the supplier to know the families of interest before starting his registration. Click on the link to know our supply list.


Goods – Corporate Registry or Simplified Registry: The registry of manufacturers of goods is made for each factory unit, whether parent company or subsidiary.

Services – Corporate Registry or Simplified Registry: The registry of service providers can be made in the parent company or subsidiary.


Visibility in contracting through Dispensation by value in the Suppliers Rotation. Solution used for contracting goods and services until the limit of Dispensation of the bidding by value. For a company to participate in the Supplier Rotation, it is essential that it is registered in the families of interest;

Lower risk of disqualification in the contracting process. The Registry has an important role in the Qualification and Prequalification phases, which precede the homologation of a contract. The registered supplier, before participating in a contracting process, can previously guarantee the fulfillment of the Qualification requirements disclosed in the Notice, exempting the need from submitting documentation in the contracting process, minimizing the risk of disqualification due to the lack of it. The use of the Registry as a Qualification and Prequalification tool is provided for in Art. 22 of the Petrobras Bid and Contract Regulation (RLCP). .

The Registry is permanently open to suppliers;

Notification of bids: Receiving notifications about new public opportunities is another benefit that the supplier already registered has. Whenever a new notice is published in the Petronect Portal, the company registered in the families associated with the object of the contract, either to supply goods or provide services, is informed by e-mail. This reduces the need to manually follow the publication of notices in the Official Gazette of the Union (DOU) or in the Petronect Portal, optimizing the process for suppliers.


Petrobras provides the following Relationship Channels to support the registration process:

Call Center - for operational doubts about the system.

1 866 791-9432: United States

+1 713 808-2599: Other Countries

Select Option 2.

Available Monday to Friday, from 8:00 h to 18:00 h (Brasilia time).

Call centers and lectures at fairs and events all over Brazil.

Contact Us
This communication channel is mainly provided to clarify your questions but can also be used for suggestions, comments, complaints, and compliments from companies in the registration process. Click here and get to know our contact channels.

E-mail If you have not started your Registry yet, we can help you at suppliers.registry@petrobras.com.br. If you already had a Registry, please use the "Contact us" located in "Registry / Contact us" menu, and then click in "Create Ticket".

* Services of the São Paulo Station must be made now at the Santos Station.

Attention: The filling of the registration by a third party, this is, “CRCC special advisors” is not recommended by Petrobras.
Petrobras does not accredit, indicate or orientate the contracting of any advisors, natural persons or legal entities as intermediaries to fill in the questionnaires of the Registration of Suppliers of Goods and Services of Petrobras.
In no way these intermediaries will be able to facilitate or accelerate the registration process, participate in events, or establish contact with Petrobras.

The Suppliers Registry has a specialized team to clarify doubts about the registration by the Relationship Channels indicated above.


Most of the reprobations in the registration are due to the lack of understanding about the process and the failure to comply with the registration instructions.

Before starting the registration process take a time reading carefully the instructions available on the Petronect Portal and the Frequently Asked Questions section.